When determining what gives a practice value, we understand that a clinic’s historical earnings may not be a true indicator of the success and potential going forward. And so, we look at the pro forma earnings opportunity.

Pro forma means we adjust owner-related expenses that will not continue after closing as well as potential savings in hearing aid costs, rent and owner/family compensation. These pro forma adjustments can have a meaningful impact on our review.

While revenues and unit volume are important, they are not the only considerations for us. We also look at trends and earnings.

Opportunity means we evaluate the potential for growth through investments in traditional and digital marketing, patient engagement and staffing. We try hard to engage owners after the closing in growth strategies because of the wealth of knowledge and experience they have in their markets.

Many of the clinics we acquire are successful and growing. In these cases, we try to preserve and enhance what is working well. Yet others may be turnaround situations. We have the infrastructure and support to acquire these as well and have a strong track record of getting these back on track.

Qualitative measures are also key considerations – standard of patient care, knowledge, training of staff, detailed and up-to-date patient files, and equipment and facility standards.

A final factor is whether the practice is located within or adjacent to our existing footprint. We currently have locations in 25 states and our footprint is growing. Within our footprint, we consider acquiring practices of any size. However, as we get further away from our current locations, we prefer larger practice groups.


This is the great story a business owner who doesn’t have to worry about their business anymore can tell. They should be rich, satisfied their clients are well taken care of, and that the process was easy.

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